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Doctor of Business Administration in Management

(DBA in Management or DBAM)


This degree is issued via St. Clements University - Somalia (Ministry of Higher Education recognized) and has the following UK professional recognition: This Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Management is issued by Aldersgate College.  However, St. Clements University Higher Education School issues a Doctor of Business Management (DBM) for the same work.

Doctor Fellow of the Institute of Professional Financial Managers (UK)
Fellow Companion of the Institute of Management Specialists (UK)
Fellow Companion of the Institute of Manufacturing (UK)
Fellow Companion of the Academy of Executives & Administrators (UK)
Fellow Companion of the Academy of Multi-Skills (UK)
Fellow Companion of Professional Business & Technical Management (UK)
Fellow of the Society of Sales and Marketing (UK)

These professional bodies have reciprocal membership agreements with professional bodies in many other Commonwealth Countries (Australia, Canada, South Africa, and Nigeria).

For further details of the recognition world wide, please contact Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho at or



DBA in Management

Candidates must have an approved Master of Business or Master of Management or the equivalent to enroll. They would be expected to have been working at Senior Management or Administration level within their organization for a minimum of three (3) years before being eligible to enroll.

Aim of the Program
The aim is to extend the candidate’s management expertise within their workplace organization in the core discipline areas of Management, Finance and Marketing.

Program Content
The Course Director, in conjunction with the candidate, will select topics for the independent study project, which will develop the candidate’s expertise in a very selected area within the core discipline. These topics will be designed to develop the candidate’s knowledge as an expert in this management field.

Core subjects
Financial Management
Management Practice

Two of these core areas would be examined by a 8,000 - 10,000 word thesis and the third in the candidate’s specialized discipline area, by the writing of  a 25,000 - 35,000 word dissertation. Each paper would be a study project, which extends the area of knowledge in the subject area.


By applied research on his business organization which he or she is working with or otherwise. Research must be based on a real organization.


The normal duration of this program is approximately 1 to 2 years. There is no time limit imposed on the completion of the program.


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