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St. Clements Private Swiss University (SCPU) - Business School, Switzerland

 UK OFQUAL Business Administration Program 

Associate Degree in Business Administration Program (ADBAP)

The Associate Degree in Business Administration Program (ADBAP) is suitable for students graduating from English International High Schools based in Malaysia and Thailand.  Students can continue their studies in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand through e-tutoring 1st year (Level 4) and 2nd year (Level 5) and upon successful completion transfer to a UK university for the final year (Level 6).

Students can start their programs anytime.  All the learning is provided via the e-learning system.

In the United Kingdom there are two qualification streams, Chartered Universities and some other schools (London School of Economics) which are approved by the Privy Council to issue degree qualifications.  In the UK only these Privy Council approved bodies can issue degrees.

The government has set up an Office of Qualifications and Examinations (OFQUAL) that rates qualifications from Level 1 to Level 8.

Level 1
is primary school education

Level 2
is secondary school education

Level 3
is a pre-Foundation University Qualification

Level 4
is equivalent to 1st year of a Bachelor degree (1st year Undergraduate)

Level 5 is equivalent to 2nd year of a Bachelor degree (2nd year Undergraduate)

Level 6 is equivalent of the final year of a Bachelor degree (3rd or Final year Undergraduate)

Level 7 is a Post Graduate qualification

Level 8 is a Doctorate level qualification

SCPU Business School (Switzerland) offers Levels 3 - 7.

It is not automatic a number of UK (Australia, Canada and UAE) universities give exemptions for these OFQUAL level qualifications to students enrolling into their (universities') programs. So an advice is that a person can study the 1st year (Level 4) and 2nd year (Level 5) of the UK Business Administration degree (via SCPU Business School in Switzerland through e-tutoring system) in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand and then transfer to a UK university for the final year (Level 6).

The education consulting centers that provide a "home" or "reference" or "environment-of-study-and-guidance" and recruitment are:

1. Fourthway ManHo Center (FMC)
    55, Jalan Damai 9
    Taman Damai Senai
    81400 Senai
    Johor, Malaysia

2. Hattapattana Win Center (HWC)
    22/65-66, Vibhavadi Rangsit Road,
    Ban Thaninthorn, Don Mueang
    Bangkok 10210, Thailand

The cost of each OFQUAL Diploma program is USD2,500 and each program is equal to one year of university studies.  There are 2 levels (Level 4 and Level 5) and the total is USD4,000 ( a discount of USD1,000) if you registered both the levels at one time.  Levels 4 & 5 together is an Associate Degree program.

There is a Registering Fee of USD650 (495) with SCPU Business School's e-tutoring system which covers e-tutoring, the registration with the OFQUAL provider and accreditation with them as well as issuing of the OFQUAL listed qualification. The students will be registered with ATHE (Association of Training and Higher Education), the OFQUAL registered organization which issues the qualification.

SCPU Business School will guide the students through the program.  The e-tutoring is like an intense textbook, most students need advice on how to answer the assignments particularly as the e-tutoring modules blend into the OFQUAL subjects but not directly.



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