IPYG - Walk for World Peace and Restoration, Seoul, Korea (May 25, 2013)
Call for Support for Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War 

Views From The Real World Peace Quotes

1.   "A continuous sociocosmic intervention worldwide for the creation and maintenance of being psyche hydrogens of peace, and ensuring such sociocosmic peace presence in the organic film is critical to reducing, pacifying and balancing the destructive consequences of the continuous degeneration of man and his sociocosmic stopinders into the being psyche hydrogens of aggression and sociocosmic war.  No religion or secular spirituality or standard professional group of being psyche hydrogens in daily life occupation is free from such degeneration of the psyche hydrogens into aggression and sociocosmic war! ” – Tan Man Ho


2.   “War starts from the petty conflicts in daily life activities of the sociocosmic man and escalates into the destructive activities amongst man en masse ……. And at its height is fully planned.”


3.   “The methods of religion can and has occasionally failed to produce peace and become a can of the misfired worms of war, just as the secular methods.  The good has occasionally changes its direction in history.”


4.   “Think NOT of denuclearizing others when we NOT think of denuclearizing ourselves!  When one points the Mother finger at another, one often forgets that 3 other Family fingers have already pointed at oneself, and the Father finger is likely to point at the Heaven, NOT to seek for forgiveness BUT to blind His eyes!” – Tan Man Ho



5.   “The process of reciprocal feeding of the sociotechnocosmoses results in the process of the reciprocal destruction of the same octave of sociootechnocosmoses, and a third process of reciprocal maintenance is needed leading to an equilibrium.  In this equilibrium, we have a temporary period of peace in transition to another temporary period of war.  And the process moves through human history till the final rascooarno of our Great Sociotechnocosmic Being.”





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