The Fourthway ManHo Center welcomes anyone with an interest in the Fourth Way ideas and the "Work" to attend a regular Study Circle at designated centers.

The Study Circle aims to bring together fellowship of friends who are interested in the teachings of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky & associates and also the Works of Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho. The circle will help us explore, learn and develop ourselves and to understand in greater details the nature of all types of real world stopindering - sociocosmic, technocosmic, biocosmic, cosmic, etc.

The study circle is for those who intend to pursue at least 1 of the 3 aims:

1. To know and understand the WORK

2. To be able to be

3.  To participate and cooperate in projects of the WORK

Study Circle Participation

Date By appointment only
Time Flexible hours

By appointment at:
1.  Fourthway ManHo Center, Senai, Johor (Malaysia)

2.  Other venue by agreed arrangement
Terms Open & free of charge
Contact For appointment contact Tan Man-Ho at  or
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Glimpses of Truth, 1914

Strange events, incomprehensible from the ordinary point of view, have guided my life.  I mean those events which influence a man's inner life, radically changing its direction and aim and creating new epochs in it.  I call them incomprehensible because their connection was clear only to me.

(Views from the Real World, Early Talks of Gurdjieff
 as Recollected by his Pupils)





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