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Our sports, adventure and recreation platform is currently expanding its list of coordinated programs for participants to experience the different spiritual dimensions possible for this odyssey.  Jungle trekking, waterfalls trip, mountain cimbing and safaris are common adventure activities conducted by our team leaders, tour guides and spiritual guides.  There is an ATV Adventure Park as well as Paint Ball here!

1. Asah Waterfalls Trip

Your odyssey begins from the small village of Mukut, perhaps after spending some time in this village where locals here are very friendly. Trekking from here to Asah Waterfalls will take you about half an hour - depending on your pace.  On reaching there, do not stop, trek to the top slowly and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Occasionally, you can see the blue sea down below and hear the call of the birds in the rainforest.  This trekking is definitely worthwhile with your rewarded experience at the end of your trip. At the waterfalls, enjoy yourself, swim in the cool refreshing waters, feel relaxed as you merge into your surroundings and hear the chirpings of the rainforest birds.
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2. Mount Kajang (Gunung Kajang) Mountain Climbing

Gunung Kajang is the highest mountain in Tioman Island towering over others at the height of 1038 meter.  It is also the highest mountain on any island off Peninsular Malaysia's East Coast.  View at a certain angle when your ferry reaches this island you can witness this mountain as the giant head of the Dragon Princess covered by clouds almost every morning. Also known as Palm Frond Mountain and has been used as a navigational aid by seafarers for centuries and is mentioned in early Arab and Chinese sailing charts.  It is not too remote and accessibility is always possible for mountain climbers.

We have good guide to assist you to climb this mystical mountain.  Mountain climbing to the top of Gunung Kajang takes more than 5 hours.  The cost is MYR150 per person which include packed meals, some gadgets, a mountain climbing guide and insurance.  If camping is needed before and after the climb, you will be charged an additional MYR5 and you have to bring your own tent otherwise, you can stay comfortably in a nearby resort for a night or two which might cost MYR150 per room per night stay. The photos below are published by courtesy of our mountain climbing guide. Like Climbing Gunung Kajang in your package?   Contact Us

3. Jungle Trekking

Jungle trekking is generally a very thrilling and adventurous experience for a panoramic view of the jungle surroundings all along the trek.  The impression foods you have received from the surrounding and digested well along the journey are useful hydrogens of from nature able to refine your spiritual development to a higher level. Exploring the lush green forest and with the mystery that surrounds the jungles is not enough with the trekking without combining an inner development for your self.  That now you are one with nature holistically!  There is one good 6km Jungle Trek from Kg. Tekek to Kg. Juara, from the western side of the island of Tioman to the eastern side, where you can trek at comfortable speed of about 5km/hour along a good jungle path.  The best time to begin this stroll trekking is in the morning.  Well, with occassional resting and even conducting close observation on the plants, insects and animals along the way a 2 hour trekking would give your a complete holistic and panaromic experience of the jungle profile.  Depending on which village you are lodging, you need to be ready for a short boat trip to Kg. Tekek to begin your jungle trekking.  On your return trip, you might decide to come to you initial lodging place by motor vehicles or hilux or jeep - there are a few of them.  Or you may choose to return by trekking again, this time, to feel the experience of late afternoon return trekking.  The path is generally good and a vehicles do pass by occassionally, which take care of emergencies!

There are a few jungle trekking routes for your selection!  Like Jungle Trekking to Juara in your package?
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4. Mount Grandma Semukut (Gunung Nenek Semukut) Mountain Climbing and Dragon's Horn Rock Climbing

Mount Grandma Semukut (Gunung Nenek Semukut) is located at the southern most region of  Tioman Island in the vicinity of Mukut Village (Kg. Mukut).  Beach here is good and beautiful like any other beaches in the island, however, the main attraction from a distance is simply the mystifying Dragon's Horns of the legendary dragon princess known as the twin peaks of Gunung Nenek Semukut. These two independent mystifying 690 meter monoliths towering majestically into the clouds of the sky somewhat resemble the monoliths of Arthur C. Clarke's and Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey science fiction film will be the source of immortal spiritual food for the nourishment of your instinctive intelligence and a boost to your adrenaline level.

Tioman's Dragon Horns or the Rock of Sima or Twin Peaks of Mount Grandma Semukut have been enticing many rock climbers in the world, The twin peaks known locally, has been conquered occassionally by daring rock climbers.  These mystical horns, the often misty weather conditions,  the inherent difficult and dangerous odyssey of climbing the horns of the Dragon Princess, have tempted and challenged adventurous rock climbers in the world.  Only few have ever get set foot on any one of her mighty mighty peak.

The Dragon's Horns is simply the neverforgotten landmark of Pulau Tioman!

3D/2N Mount Grandma Semukut Climbing package which includes guides, porters, accommodation, food and drink, all climbing equipment is available at Tioman.   Contact Us

5. ATV Adventure Park 

A fleet of about 10 (All Terrain Vehicle) ATV bikes with bikeguide on jungle track to rivers, rapids and falls are available for your inner experience.  Indicate your interest when you do your Online Booking or just contact us!  Contact Us

6. Hash House Harriers (HHH or H3) or Hashing

To promote physical fitness among Hash members, to get rid of weekend hangovers, to acquire a good thirst and to satify it in beer (duty free here in Tioman!) and to persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel are the objectives of the Hashers.  Hashers who are interested in orgainizing such Hash events here can contact us!  Contact Us

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Asah Waterfalls Trip
Asah Waterfalls Trip
This is a seaouting cum jungle trekking to Asah Waterfalls Trip where you can enjoy sightseeing and snorkeling together at 2 important points and a Jungle Trekking excursion on the southern part of the island.  The minimum pax is 4 persons otherwise, you have to join different group for: .......
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