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About Tioman Odyssey TM

Odyssey™ is a trusted service trademark created by Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man Ho and entrusted to Fourthway ManHo Center (JM 0349891-H) for the purpose of operating and marketing HEIGRENS training packages, edutour packages, holistic health tour packages, tour packages, exploration tours, discovery tours, adventure tours, accommodation and numerous tour advisory services for travelers to various tourist destinies, notably, Tioman Island in Malaysia.  The HEIGRENS courses are partial fulfilment of degree programs from St. Clements Univeristy.  Tioman Odyssey™ is the odyssey in the island of Tioman.  Dr. Tan owns some chalets there in the island of Tioman which provide the accommodation.  Bangkok Odyssey™ is the odyssey in Bangkok and many other tourists attraction in Thailand - notably for ancient Siam esoteric experience!  Trans Odyssey is the tour-around odyssey by land vehicles in mainland Penisular Malaysia.

Odyssey™ uses its own unique electronic Odyssey Management System to operate and control its activities.




To assist in the new experiences of holism through tours, edutours and travels.  This new experience is not just the popular ordinary tour experience but it is a guided and organized transformation experience based on established psychological paradigms and realized through an odyssey.




Welcome to Tioman Odyssey - Let the Odyssey's Tarot Ace of Wand and the doves lead you to the island of Tioman, one of the best tourist places in the world!  Tioman Odyssey - In the mystical isles of the orient for healing, rejuvenating, vigor, holistic wellbeing, sports adventure and enhancement of the body, mind and spirit.

Trans Odyssey Malaysia is tailored trip packages by land vehicles around Iskandar Malaysia including mainland Peninsular Malaysia.
Couch Odyssey is enjoy traveling but with an opportunity to exercise your knowledge, skills & experience and at the same time enjoy free couch and earnings for rendering services to participants of Tioman Odyssey activities.
Bangkok Odyssey is destinies in Thailand.

Hotel Odyssey  is room-focus destinies ........ Other destinies are future tour destinies!



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