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Duty-Free!  With the declaration of Tioman island as a duty-free island, mass tourism has become the dominant ethos for value-for-money's worth tourist shoppers especially wines, chocolates and all other alcoholic drinks.  Buying of gifts for yourself as a memory to love ones and as a memory of your odyssey is indispensable.  Some can be got online before and after the odyssey.  Others buy them on-the-spot.

Giftshoppe Catalogue:   Get-a-Gift Online

At the Gift Shops in Tioman

If you are on the island itself, you can buy some gifts here!  Special gifts for yourself and your dear ones.  There are a variety here and you buy them on the island itself.



Buy only at the Gift Shop in Tioman Island.  It is not online at the Gift Shop!



Hatta Crotchet Products

Special Gifts for your dear ones!  Also we offer a 50% special discount for all Hatta Crotchet products purchased before August 31, 2017.  Hatta Crotchet Crafts available: Click here for more gifts and their prices.


They can be ordered online and goods can be delivered to you by shipping to your home even before your trip or you can collect them during your journey at pre-arranged points.

Contact Tan Man Ho or email: tanmanho@hotmail.com
Call: +6012-245 5127 or WhatsApp, etc.


Hattapattana Treatment Oil
Available: 8ml (MYR30.00) &

15ml (MYR50.00)
This is 100% concentration without any dilution whatsoever. More than 10 herbs are used and spiritually blessed by Thai monks before ready for used.  Very effective for:
1. Keeps you awake, cool & fresh all the

time and very useful while driving your car

2. Instantly removes minor headaches, neckaches, and body tensions

3. Soothes throats, removes nose blocks and clears nasal passage

4. Removes pain in small mouth sores instantly, removes the redness within an hour and pave way for rapid healing

5. Keep mosquitoes away for many hours

6. The highly concentrated aroma stays on your body for many hours


Contact Tan Man Ho or email:tanmanho@hotmail.com
Call: +6012-245 5127 or WhatsApp, etc.


Geniune Leather Key Chain

Available: MYR19.90 per set (2 pieces)

Key Chain made from original leather (cattle hide) with copper kitty charm pendant.  Size 4" x 1"

Contact Tan Man Ho or email: tanmanho@hotmail.com
Call: +6012-245 5127 or WhatsApp, etc.

Real World Views Books

Available: USD440.00 per Set (22 books)

Original works of Dr. Tan Man Ho - very rich and deep in esoteric ideas.  Order this from 'Get-a-Gift Online' for yourself and for your learned friend.  For more info, click here!


Contact Tan Man Ho or email: tanmanho@hotmail.com
Call: +6012-245 5127 or WhatsApp, etc.
Canon Digital IXUS 80 IS Camera - Pink (Complete Set)
Available: MYR500.00

- 8.0 Megapixels, 2.5 inch LCD, 30fps VGA movies

- 3x optical zoom with optical Image Stabilizer IS

- Motion Detection Technology

- Face Detection Technology
- Red Eye Correction
- Fast response times and superb image quality
Contact Tan Man Ho or email: tanmanho@hotmail.com
Call: +6012-245 5127 or WhatsApp, etc.

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