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Welcome  to  TIOMAN  DISCOVERY  Edutour  ODYSSEY
Our edutour programs are conducted in Tioman at various selected and agreed tourist spots and they can be education cum tour packages as well.  These tours are discovery edutours, and can be tailored for field work research programs and eco-fieldtrips from various educational or training institutions. We also accommodate professors, lecturers, teachers and students participating in such exploratory, discovery and educational trips from universities, colleges and schools worldwide. A fieldtrip summary of such an edutour submitted to Fourthway ManHo Center shall be accepted as one course subject of the IHTI Certified Professional Holistic Health Practitioner program or HEIGRENS programs.  All these recorded fieldtrips will lead to the final award of degrees in Natural Psychophysical Therapy or Psychophilosophy from the St. Clements University.  For more info, please read further our news related to this matter or contact Professor Dr. Tan Man Ho, email: tanmanho@hotmail.com.  Currently, we offer a Nature Venture Edutour program which is connected to the secrets of esoteric work-on-self and a self-discovery edutour through the work.  Click below for details below.

1. Wildlife Observation & Discovery - Need to conduct more externally directed research studies?   Contact Us  

Many animals have caught our attention in Tioman.  The obvious ones are giant water monitor lizards, long tailed macaques, black giant squirrels, flying foxes, flying lemurs (colugos), flying lizards, mousedeers, brush tailed porcupines, fruit bats, etc.  The birds include seagulls, swallows, sea eagles, mynahs, crows, green doves, magpies, woodpeckers, etc.  There are many insects too!  There is a Catalogue of the Mammals of Pulau Tioman from previous research conducted by the National University of Singapore in 1999.

Flying Lemur (Colugo)

Red Giant Flying Squirrel
Red Giant Flying Squirrel
Flying Foxes

Black Giant Squirrel

Giant Water Monitor Lizard



Punai (Green Dove)

Punai (Green Dove)



2. Nature Venture Self-Discovery Edutour   Book Now


An Occasional Retreat Choice for Self-Discovery as well as external nature exploration at Tioman of Ecological Significant:  Main Location of Retreats at Kg. Paya, Tioman Island, Malaysia, one of the 10 most beautiful natural and unspoiled islands in the World.


Of Malaysia's east coast islands, Pulau Tioman is the best known of the lot.  This pear-shaped drop of the paradise was immortalized as the mythical Bali Hai, in the movie "South Pacific".  The island is endowed with white sandy beaches, amazingly clear waters and a million painstaking years of coral deposits.


Legend has it that a beautiful dragon princess was flying from China to Singapore for her wedding over the South China Sea.  She rested and was lulled by the calm and caressing sun and turned herself into the island of Tioman.  It is an edutour for inner experiencing while on nature venture self-discovery tour .....


Don't just see outside of your body, see the inside, see the outside and experience the continuity of discountinuities of everything!


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Self-Discovery Edutour
Nature Venture Self-Discovery Edutour Package
This is a practical esoteric-linked subject where Your World One must be consciously merge with Your World Two through the medium of Your World Three.  It is much more than a normal ecofield study of a contemporary university course ofefred in traditional university.  It is an edutour for inner  ......
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