A  Virtual Game  Odyssey

GameStopinder is a Virtual Game Coaching and Teamwork Hub and a Virtual Weapons Market for the selling and buying of virtual weapons and various virtual items in games. It is a stopinder (center and platform) for  contemporary virtual past-time gamers, especially virtual game players, sellers and buyers of virtual weapons and virtual game items such as cosplay in popular contemporary games. It is for those who want to play games and purchase virtual weapons for a particular game or those who want to sell their own or acquired virtual weapons and virtual items in game.

It offers a social gathering platform for all those who are interested in playing games, and having happy times together as they embark at gamestopinder for a long virtual game journey - A Virtual Game Odyssey Its philosophy is: Play, Chat, Challenge, Learn and Earn !

Virtual Game Coaching

To start, contact our professional coach and confirm your interest to be a trainee.  Confirm the number of hours you would like to apply for.  Make the payment, either through Pay Pal or by Online Banking or SWIFT TT.  Make sure you have access to a good computer with good graphic card.  Follow coach instruction for the setup and commencement.  Have your particpation going.  After you have completed your training courses, you are welcome to continue playing with us in our association for free. On your way you will also receive free virtual games coaching and advices from our team leader.

Coaching Rate: Free Coaching Trails (You payat a certain rate per hour only if you really need a professional coaching)

Name of the Games: Any well-known virtual game of your interest.  Please contact and confirm with the professional coach

Professional Coach: Mr. Tan Wei Song

Training Duration: Flexible

If you are interested in the coaching and need more information, please contact Tan Wei-Song

Email:  Tel/Fax: +607-5909688      Mobile: +6012-424 6786



Tel/Fax: +607-590 9688              Mobile: +6012 245 5127
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