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Below is the list of the fees to be charged for mentoring, counseling, supervision, training, testing and evaluation of the degree programs.  These fees include the university awards and transcripts (Graduation Documents), and all the charges from the university. The fees varies depending on which university you applied for. You are required to confirm with FMC for the final fee.  Fees for PH.D are special and higher.  The current fees structure is listed as below:

Name of Programs




Psychophilosophy & Natural Psychophysical Therapy Programs

US$ 4,000

US$ 5,000

US$ 5,500

Education Programs

US$ 4,000

US$ 5,000

US$ 5,500

Business Programs

US$ 4,000

US$ 5,000

US$ 5,500

Information Technology Programs

US$ 4,000

US$ 5,000

US$ 5,500

The Graduation Documents consist of  i) The Official Certificate  ii) The Transcript


Payment of fees is by installments and upon an agreed payment plan


Research Scholarship Rebate from US$500.00 to US$1,000.00 is generously available for genuinely deserving students who have financial constraints. Please contact Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho at immediately.  If you need a scholarship for these degree programs, please write a non-format email or a hardcopy explanation as to why you need this scholarship.


  • Installment payment facilities are available

  • The course fee is Not inclusive of course materials

  • All fees paid are not refundable


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