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This time we shall introduce the concept of outdoor night and/or day rest camping experience of Glampodyssey Meditation in the light of fourth way experience.  The gist of the Glampodyssey is to let you truly experience consciously, observe, feel and think about the exposure to nature in the night and also in the day, and to gather the energy that will come to you because of the non-mechanical nature of our Gampodyssey Meditation work.  Glampodyssey Meditation is a revival of an old traditions of self-observation, self-sensing, self-remembering and meditation but in the light of a new age experience in a natural environment.  It is an instrument for developing your being when doing it in a conscious manner!

We have ample places, very nice and mysterious for such camping activities.  You can participate in our outdoor night camping and/or day rest camping experience at designated places under cool shady trees in Walden Woods or near Paya River or at Walden Beach for a few days through Glampodyssey Meditation arrangement.  You can experience the differences from these 3 places and combine these three different being-states to develop your real being to a higher level. Through  meditation your alchemical integration will soon lead you to a higher level of consciousness.

If you want to feel the feel and experience your own transformation of your inner states come and join Glampodyssey Meditation!

Rent-a-Tent or Bring-Along-Your-Own-Tent

Unless you are backpacker, to ease the burden of carrying bulky tomes like a "beast of burden", you can rent the outdoor camping tents (if you need) with us for the night stay and/or for the day rest, and free yourself from having to rent a chalet. Yet nowadays, tents are so light that it is not a heavy stuff anymore for you to bring along in your odyssey.  But you are required to keep the place clean after use and return the tents in good conditions. You are responsible for your own valuables while using the shady camping ground.  Basic security and ground torch/battery powered lighting are provided if needed.  Tiolets and F&B at restaurant are within short distance from the camping ground. You also have to take care of your tents while away.

Glampodyssey Meditation begins operative from March till November every year.

Meditation Mentor: Professor Dr. Tan Man Ho

Duration: 6 hours & can be spread over 2 days through agreed arrangement

FeesRM2,000 (Minimum of 4 persons, no maximum)

Accommodation, Meals & Tour: Not included in the fees

Venue: Tioman Island

Date & Time: Flexible & pre-arranged

Certification: A Certificate of Attendance would be issued from ManHo T& D Center, ManHo Management Consultancy and signed by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho for the successful completion of the seminar.

Exemptions and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) : A Certificate of Attendance from ManHo Management Consultancy or Fourthway ManHo Center is recognized by St. Clements University (T&C) for exemption into various relevant diploma and degree programs or as RPL for various diploma and degree application within the St. Clements University group.

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